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Sprinter Van Conversion DIY Solar Inverter Kit of van conversion kits diy - Sprinter Van Conversion DIY Solar Inverter Kit

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Sprinter Van Conversion DIY Solar Inverter Kit


Testing the bike rack

After the floor was done we insulated the walls with a layer of reflectix and then on top of that we added pure safety insulation rated at R15 the white

High roof with Transit SS half slider in rear panel

Camper Van Ideas 31 – The Urban Interior


Driver and passenger seat resize=1024 768

05 1963 72 Chevy C10 Long bed to Short JPG

Not the kitchen we re looking for but like the storage idea Check out the image by visiting the link CampingTrips

Hand Built Teardrop Camper Trailer with Solar Power & Running Water Perfect Mini RV

I used faux wood wall paneling for the walls which was simple enough to screw directly into the horizontal wood beams on the side of the van


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1 of 14The 450 entered production in January 1958

Diy Water Wall Kit Awesome Wall Faucet H Sink How to Fix A Leaky Faucet I

Then I gathered my mom s tools and borrowed two saw horses from my neighbor and we got to work

Prier Products Loose Key Conversion Kit for C 144 P 164 and C

Our Promaster came with a partition which I removed and sold on Craig s List

Casper came quite bare with these wood beams on the side which I decided to leave on It also came with a metal partitioner in the front